‘One Way Out’ (2002)

‘No Way Out’ (2002) First things first – let’s lay out the dirty linen: I avoided this thing during normal waking hours, given the ‘noir’ log-line and the Jim Belushi principal. But between 3 and 5 am, this film was pure gold. Sometimes things just work out that way, especially if you miss the first 10-20 minutes, as I did; years of insomniac viewing have taught me that some beginnings are better missed than seen.

Such was my approach to ‘One Way Out’ – and it paid off.

How could I have expected Jim Belushi to pull off a Michael Chiklis-like transformation and play a corrupt cop, caught between a rock and a hard place? In fact, the performance is so compelling that it threw me off of the main arc of the plot: While the story may be a bit formulaic, Belushi’s performance is a wonderful distraction – I didn’t even see the denouement coming, until I was watching it on screen.

In my opinion, this was a far, far better film than the Paltrow/Douglas/Mortenson vehicle, ‘ A Perfect Murder ‘ (1998), since the actors here play against type, and triumph over the material.

Highly recommended! Furthermore, Angela Featherstone, Jason Bateman and (the recently deceased )Guylaine St. Onge provide excellent support. Not a dull moment.

While I’m not sure that I could recommend this film for viewing during the light of day, I *highly* recommend this movie for it’s late night/early morning consumption.

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ½ ☆

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