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‘Ring 2′ (2005)

‘Ring 2?poster Those of you following the conceptual development of my Chinese scenario, will likely find notions of an ersatz American Cinema something of an old hat: In short, I’ve been positing a cinema that *resembles* Hollywood fare, but is made outside of Hollywood – in Spain, in New Zealand, Australia and Vancouver – with or without American studio dollars, promotion and all the rest. In short, the kind of thing that usually goes straight-to-video and the SciFi Channel, before a layover in the Chinese bootlegging terminal.

A rash of these Hollywood/not-Hollywood type films landed in American cinemas this past winter – ‘Darkness’, an American film made in Spain with Miramax/Dimension dollars; ‘Boogeyman’ an American film made in New Zealand; ‘The Grudge’, the American remake of the Japanese ‘Ju-On’ ; ‘Hide and Seek’, incredibly enough, made here in the U.S.A., not to mention ‘Excorcist:The Beginning’ by Norweigan-born Renny Harlin and his yet-to-be-released ‘Mindhunters’. [Read more →]