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‘The Island’ (2005)

‘The Island’ (2005) Michael Bay has a brain. Who knew?

As a first-time outing without the overadrenalized Jerry Bruckheimer, ‘The Island’ comes off as a well considered project. While few of the ideas posited in this new film are ‘new’, Bay and screenwriters Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci have done a more than serviceable job of recycling ideas from other movies that arrived D.O.A.

‘The Island’ is, of course, a remake of ‘ Parts:The Clonus Horror ‘ (1979), one of the most sordid of D-grade Mystery-Science Theater 3000 candidates, ever. ‘Clonus’ was ‘ Coma ‘ (1978) made on a budget of $256,000. Straight-to-video? Straight-to-the-SciFi Channel? Not even close. Even Albert Pyun never managed to stink up celluloid so badly – though he’s come close, many a time . [Read more →]