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“Space:Above and Beyond” now on DVD!

“Space: Above and Beyond” (1995) Whoah.

I don’t know any Kung-fu, but before there was a ‘Firefly’, a ‘Farscape’, an ‘Odyssey 5′, an ‘Enterprise’ or any widespread internet fan-campaigns to save tv shows, there was ‘ Space: Above and Beyond ‘. This show, in my estimation pretty much still outshines them all. Like ‘The X-Files’ this show appeared on the FOX networks during their formative years, however poor time-slotting (7pm) and numerous football pre-emptions speled its early demise.

The show was the brainchild of ‘X-Files’ and ‘Millenium’ veterans Glen Morgan and James Wong and it was launched as sort of a competitor to Paramount’s ‘Star Trek’ cash-cow. Though it was a great show and unfortunately crossed premises with Paul Veerhoven’s then-forthcoming ‘ Starship Troopers ‘. But S:AAB was its own special animal.

Imagine the grittiness of ‘Alien’ combined with some of the mortal aspects of Troopers . People die, all of the time — but there are no unisex shower scenes. [Read more →]