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The Odyssey of ‘Superman’

– more than you want to know –

Superman V ‘ or ‘ Superman Returns ‘ had been in development for about a decade . I first heard about it back in 1996, when I was teaching art school down in Georgia and one of my students was going on and on about Kevin Smith of ‘Clerks’ fame writing the screenplay for it.

Again, that was about 1996 and the development process seems to have gone through a number of writers and producers since that time, no fewer than 5 directors have come and gone – Tim Burton, Oliver Stone, McG, Brett Ratner and finally, landing the chair last fall, Bryan Singer — and then Singer only because Fox spun their wheels for too long after ‘X-Men 2′ had come out, and no one had bothered to guarantee his participation in X-3. [Read more →]

“Hustle” (2004)

The best new show of 2006 is on AMC.

“WTF?!”, you say? AMC, the home of endless Charles Bronson repeats and forgettable PG-13 80′s crap?


Hustle stars Adrian Lester (‘ Primary Colors ‘), Robert Vaughn (‘ The Man from U.N.C.L.E.’ ) and Marc Warren (‘The Vice’) in a hip, new British caper-show that resembles ‘Mission Impossible’ by way of ‘The Avengers’. In this case though, the protagonists are con-men.

Lester is the ringleader, while Warren and Vaughn provide support and newcomer Jaime Murray provides distraction as resident femme fatale Stacie Monroe.

In many ways Hustle is a throwback to those stealthy policiers of yesteryear, when we’d dally with Mrs. Peel and John Steed as roguish British agents. But unlike the craptacular tv-show remakes of the late ’90′s, Hustle is all about the writing. [Read more →]