“Hustle” (2004)

The best new show of 2006 is on AMC.

“WTF?!”, you say? AMC, the home of endless Charles Bronson repeats and forgettable PG-13 80′s crap?


Hustle stars Adrian Lester (‘ Primary Colors ‘), Robert Vaughn (‘ The Man from U.N.C.L.E.’ ) and Marc Warren (‘The Vice’) in a hip, new British caper-show that resembles ‘Mission Impossible’ by way of ‘The Avengers’. In this case though, the protagonists are con-men.

Lester is the ringleader, while Warren and Vaughn provide support and newcomer Jaime Murray provides distraction as resident femme fatale Stacie Monroe.

In many ways Hustle is a throwback to those stealthy policiers of yesteryear, when we’d dally with Mrs. Peel and John Steed as roguish British agents. But unlike the craptacular tv-show remakes of the late ’90′s, Hustle is all about the writing.

Hustle is a BBC show brought to us from KUDOS Entertainment, the same people responsible for A&E’s catch-it-when-you-can spy drama ‘ Spooks ‘ (known here as ‘MI-5′).

As Albany’s Times-Union says, “Viewers will probably think they’re watching PBS, A&E, BBC America or even Bravo. This hip British series is not American, it’s yet to be a classic and it’s definitely not a movie. AMC has lost its way. Will its audience follow?”. One would hope. As a recovering BBC Americaholic and a ‘Mystery!’ enthusiast, I can only hope.

Last week’s 2-hour premiere repeats this Friday, 01/20 at 7pm and episodes 1 and 2 repeat at some unholy hour (~1am) between now and Friday. Given the current state of American television, you’ll thank me, later, for the sleep that you lost.

Check it out!

(clips available @ Hustle’s BBC web page – see ‘Episodes’.)

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