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‘X-Men:The Last Stand’ (2006)

Did it suck completely? No. Was it less than I expected? Frankly, no. With all the months and rumors of Brett “the Rat” Ratner taking the helm of X3, the movie ended up being more competent and entertaining than I ever expected it to be.

That said, you can leave all of your X-Men canon at the door. Especially for ‘The Last Stand’.

This much I knew from my lukewarm appreciation of the first 2 movies, with their unnatural emphasis on Rogue and Wolverine. In the comics, Rogue started out as a villain , as she was the adoptive daughter of Mystique (yes!) and a former member of the 3rd incarnation of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. For some indeterminate reason, I thought Mystique was Australian when I was reading the X-Titles back in the ’80′s, but that might just have been a bit of poor transcription in whichever way Mr. Claremont had chosen to transcribe her dialogue. [Read more →]