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DC vs. Marvel?

I was going to write a review of ‘ Superman Returns ‘ (previous comments here ) but I’ve got comic book movie fatigue — for the near future, I’m swearing off the writing of such reviews as much of that stuff, I fear, is a waste of time, considering that the artistes who make these movies never take them as seriously as I’d like them to. (Granted, this is from someone who majored in Semiotics while he was in college — thus I ought to be excluded from most serious discussions..)

I’m all about the revisionism (c.1987) in comics and I’m disappointed that the rest of the world still hasn’t caught up with Alan Moore’s ‘ Watchmen ‘, Watchmen , importantly being THE signal event in the American comics industry that changed just about everything, with Frank Miller’s revisionist Batman miniseries, ‘The Dark Knight Returns’ being a close second. [Read more →]