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‘The Dark’ (2005)

How is it that this movie didn’t get a proper US release?

Probably because it was too similar to so many other, poorer movies released in 2005. In 2005, we saw the long-awaited and haplessly inferior sequel, ‘ Ring 2 ‘, ‘ Boogeyman ‘, ‘ Darkness ‘, the American remake of ‘ The Grudge ‘ and earlier this year, ‘ Silent Hill ‘, and unnecessary remakes of ‘ The Hills Have Eyes ‘, ‘ The Amityville Horror ‘ and ‘ House of Wax ‘.

Earlier this week, a friend gave me the thumbnail production cycle of 18 months for any release. I can’t establish a complete timeline for this film, but there are so many aspects of ‘ The Dark ‘ that are similar to the latter duds, I can’t help but wonder if plotlines were lifted from the former whole-cloth and inserted into these other, inferior movies. [Read more →]