“Century City” (2004)

The Lawyers of 2030

The Lawyers of 2030 While I was hanging out in a DishTV household late last month, I had the opportunity to revisit 2004′s ‘Century City’ and see a few of its unaired 9 episodes on Universal’s HD satellite channel.

This is one show that shouldn’t have died as hard as it did. The show only lasted for 4 weeks, but it had tremendous potential. It wasn’t just a lawyer show, but a well considered piece of speculative fictiion, where they mulled the implications of science’s impact on our immediate future. One of the ongoing arcs concerned one of the attorneys who was the product of a government genetics program — she and her ‘siblings’ had been created without the ability to procreate, but as fully endowed and ‘free’ American citizens, it became an issue as to whether they should have access to technology that would allow them to have children.

Another episode involded a woman suing a corporation for access to her dead husband’s likeness – as a scientist, this guy had developed a fully functional AI in his own image that communicated with his wife both before and after his death.. Along with genetic modification, cloning and genetic profiling the show did an interesting job of imagining what the immediate future might have held.

But it only lasted on CBS for 4 weeks.

It was produced by Universal (the now-owners of Skiffy). The show was probably too cerebral for mainstream audiences and too expensive for a SciFi Channel management content to use trained bears as ‘monsters’ for their weekend schlock-fests.

Hector Elizondo’s salary would probably be a dealbreaker and one of the show’s attorneys has gone on to become Mr. Fantastic in the [FF movies. (That said, this is the kind of show that they should be doing to keep their dramatically-inclined BSG and Eureka audiences.)

‘Century City’ was a smart and interesting show. Perhaps Skiffy will broadcast more of those unaired shows during their 7pm block. If it happens, be sure to check it out.

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