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‘The Departed’ (2006)

'The Departed' (2006) Unexpected. Totally f^cking unexpected. Yanqui-fications of foreign movies usually aren’t very good.

I’d been a fan of Martin Scorcese throughout the ’80′s – Taxi Driver , Raging Bull , The King of Comedy , The Last Temptation of Christ , Goodfellas , Cape Fear — and everything else he did up until the point that his chosen lead became Leonardo diCaprio and his ethnicity of choice became WASP. So, imagine my surprise at actually enjoying ‘The Departed’, a film that name-checks both categories of my dislike and sports a title that does nothing to inform either the theme or action of the story.

Pretty boy DiCaprio has had a career that I’ve long regarded as an accident of River Phoenix’s early death. His ‘celebrity’, AFAIWC , was just repellent and misplaced. I’ve never seen anything special in his work, nor in his appearance. To me, he has only ever been River Phoenix’s stand-in. [Read more →]