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Marvel’s ‘Civil War’

Tony Stark is a Proxy?
Despite the mixed reviews coming from the fans, Marvel’s Civil War is a momentous event. People can talk their DC Kingdom Come stuff as much as they want, but Civil War is the book that they’ll be talking about in the graduate-level Ivy seminars and MLA conferences ten years from now.

Why? Well, it’s certainly not the subtlety.

Most of the fan-problem with CW is that many characters are depicted out-of-character. After a 40 year friendship, Captain America (Steve Rogers) and Iron Man (Tony Stark) have suddenly been depicted as rivals . In Marvel’s continuity, Rogers and Stark have been friends and teammates on the Avengers for more than 40 years, yet, in an almost painful evocation of the McCarthy era and the Alien and Sedition Acts, Marvel has created a ‘Super-Hero Registration Act’ (SHRA) that requires all super-powered persons to register with the Federal Gov’t, otherwise face lifetime incarceration. [Read more →]

‘Children of Men’ (2006)

Children of Men ‘ premiered at the Venice Film Festival this past September, with a subsequent roll-out in much of Western Europe. Children , as Alfonso Cuarón’s latest film ( Y Tu Mama Tambien ,2001; Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban , 2004), has been billed as science-fiction, but it’s really not. Partially based on a cynical futurist novel by P.D. James, ‘The Children of Men’, is set in the 2nd quarter of the 21st c., after mankind has suddenly and unexpectedly become infertile. In the book, men all over the world have started shooting blanks, but in the movie, the blame is somehow shifted to women.

Clive Owen stars in this film, set in destabilized Britain, that’s been transformed into the Belfast of yore, due to the worldwide terrorist escalations — due to worldwide infertility, the U.K. has become one of the few States left in Europe and has sealed it’s borders much as they did during WWII. [Read more →]