‘United 93′ (2006)

United 93 We’re watching ‘ United 93 ‘ tonight, despite my long refusal to add a dime to the coffers that contribute to our perpetual climate of fear. This is an interesting film because it also seems to be a bit of a metaphor for the hijacking of of the West that’s taken place because of 9-11.

Did I mention that it was on cable?

Just as the hijackers took control of those planes that fateful day, the fearmongers have taken cintrol of our collective destiny – suddenly, the work of entire nations and economies has become the ‘War on Terra’, 24/7. Children in America are going to bed hungry, uneducated and without health insurance, but the War on Terra rages on. We have been hijacked – the American economy, Democracy and the US Constitution have become big business – billions for Halliburton, another couple billion for Kellog, Brown and Root, $200 billion dollar ‘emergency’ spending bills, no end in sight, a trillion dollars and counting. The real hijackers are in the Oval Office.

But the unanticipated interest that I found in this film is/was not the stuff that happened on the plane – the eponymous F light 93 – but the stuff that occurred on the ground, in Air Traffic Control rooms Civilian and Military from Boston to Cleveland; the game-calling, projection and anticipation of the Control Rooms as they watch the worst day in American aeronautic history unroll in front of their eyes. But, unlike the WTC planes, United 93 was brought under control by the passengers and crashed in the woods of Western Pennsylvania; the passengers took back control of their errant flight even though there were no survivors.

I haven’t read anybody else’s review of this movie, but I can’t help but wonder if other people came away from the film with my hope that we might take back control of our hijacked nation.

Franklin Roosevelt once said that our greatest challenge was ‘fear itself’ and for the past 6 years, the Bush Administration has been happy to lay it on thick. We desperately need to reclaim this country from the demogauges; Demogauges that include Sen. Hillary Clinton among their number.

Having seen ‘Sunday Bloody Sunday and director Paul Greengrass’ Bourne film, I have to say that it’s nice to see him return to form – ambiguous narratives are typically more interesting than star vehicles.

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ½

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