“Connections” (1978)

James Burke creator of ˜Connections™ In 1978, British Science Historian James Burke created a series of documentary programs for the BBC called ‘Connections ‘.

In the first episode, “ The Trigger Effect ” he examines the Great Northeast Blackout of 1965 , which took down the electrical grid of the entire Eastern seaboard, from Maine to Philadelphia. Though I’m sure that the event girded us against future disasters of that sort, a mandatory viewing of the program might have made the Bush Administration better prepared for 9-11, Katrina and put us in a position to deal with the inevitability of Peak Oil. Throughout the series, Burke does the unusual thing of connecting Mankind, Nature and Technology.

Ah, the ’70′s, an age when ‘objectivity’ was a stronger certitude… today, so many of our decisions are mediated by opinion polls and Faith-based nonsense. I encourage everyone to investigate this series. It is available from the usual sources for and arm or a leg, or you can just fire-up Google Video where much of the series is available for free.

Episode #1 – The Trigger Effect

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