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‘Out of Balance’ (2007)

Out of Balance ‘ is a concise, thoughtful condensation of the Climate Change issue that makes creative, if not authoritative use of interviews and stock footage to make the case for Global Warming and the damage than man has done to the Earth’s climate. Tom Jackson has managed to package the science, politics and business concerns related to climate change into a coherent and persuasive film that’s fully accessible to a general audience. [Read more →]

‘Juno’ (2007)

Was this worth $10 and my 2 hours?

Whenever someone tells me that a movie is just the best thing ever I nod and smile politely and ask what, specifically, justifies this characterization. When several someones, including a blitz advertising campaign and reviewer after reviewer tell me that a movie is the best thing ever I start to resist. I immediately begin to look for the infamous man behind the curtain, to wonder just how long it will be after I bite before I find that while the confection may have looked good in the pastry case inside it is nothing but air. It’s for this reason that I waited more than a month to see ‘Juno.’ And while this film certainly isn’t all it has been hyped to be, neither is it to be reviled with the passion some critics have devoted to said reviling.
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‘Charlie Wilson’s War’ (2007)

Charlie Wilson’s War’ is a tricky film to write on, because I have both a Proustian relationship with the material and a more generalized, historical appreciation for the the effort that writer Aaron Sorkin and director Mike Nichols have accomplished.

The week before I saw ‘Charlie Wilson’, I had watched ‘ Nineteen Eighty-Four ‘ again, only to discover what seemed to be a waterboarding administered to Winston by O’Brien.

The past is prologue. [