Tentpole Genre Releases 2011

graves over at Nerd Blerp has put together a list of 2001 releases to anticipate and avoid.

The titles that stand out are as follow:

‘The Rite’ (January 28)
‘Captain America’ (July 22)
‘The Adjustment Bureau’ (March 4)
‘Thor’ (May 6)
‘X-Men: First Class’ (June 3)
‘Green Lantern’ (June 17)
‘Cowboys and Aliens’ (July 29)
‘Immortals’ (November 11)

Trailers are available on the Nerd Blerp site .

2 Responses to “Tentpole Genre Releases 2011”

  1. You know what I think is ripe for an update: They Live – http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0096256/

    It totally taps into current culture’s fear of the foreign. Plus, imagine how much better the effects would be circa 2011 vs. 1988.

  2. ‘They Live’ is a favorite of mine, however, do you really think that 2011 SFX are enough to justify a remake? Has the social climate changed enough to give Carpenter’s Extraterrestrial Zombies a new shading?

    Yes and no. There’s the whole Terrorism thing and the Zombie craze, but I don’t necessarily think of the two as sympathetic.

    Xenophobia? I’ll have to re-watch it.

    The idea of protesting zombie Tea Partiers is, however, delicious.

    Zombie Tea Partiers, their parasols and ornamental yip-dogs are something I would pay to see.

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